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Ethics drive everything we do in work and life.  What is your work ethic, business ethic and family ethic? Do you value a dollar more than doing what’s right?

It seems that this is more true today than ever.  Are we creating a society of workers that are not being held accountable to a strong work ethic?  If so, this is a huge challenge for tomorrows business owners.  Phil discusses lesson learned on the farm bailing hay and mending fences.  Time proves that if you give people a hard challenge they will find an easier way to do it.  Why aren’t we challenging our team and cheering them on to success or failure.

Are you putting yourself out there? Do you know who you are and your values?  Are you willing to stand up for your values?  If you have the truth and what’s right on your side you will always be ok.  Be a better leader, hold to your values, encourage your team to do there job day in and day out.

Remember that haters are going to hate.  We need to stop giving attention to the noise and start holding people accountable. This episode is eye opening and provides a path we all need to start following today.

Be Bold


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